Any Dutch Lingq, yet?

Hello all,

I’ve searched the forums and it appears that Dutch was on its way, any updates on the languages? I read somewhere that people were working on some scripts with audio, any chance one of those people might care to share :slight_smile: I realize there are other methods out there for Dutch at the moment, however, a little audio with script goes a loooooong way, lingq way is the best way! Thanks everyone!


If it were up to me we would have all kinds of languages up. There are just a few more things to get out of the way and we will open it up. Sorry for the continuing delay. I do not want to promise anything yet.

Are there (still) plans to bring Dutch any time soon?

Hi KerrBear,

We’re currently in the process of deciding how we best want to add support for other languages. One of the biggest obstacles preventing us from adding new languages is the lack of content when the languages are introduced. We want to make sure the languages have a suitable amount of content before they are officially supported, but we also recognize that others may want to study with their own content, etc.
While it’s not an easy process to decide how to allow these “beta” languages to exist on the site, we should have this taken care of by the year’s end.

I think we should start taking away languages.

I totally agree with blindside [for once]! Then, at least, I wouldn’t have to feel guilty that I am not working on any of my chosen languages…

I’m really hoping to see Dutch as well.

We are still waiting for our key beginner content in Korean!

I’m also waiting for the dutch! :frowning:

I see, but Korean content may be more difficult to come by. Wouldn’t it be possible to add a language, but with a disclaimer saying that it is still under development and has a limited amount of content? People could always import their own material as there is a lot of stuff on the web.

I was a member of LingQ over a year ago and left, after Dutch failed to come in. I’m still studying the language, and LingQ still doesn’t have it.

I’m at the level where I could translate a lot of the basic dialogues. Maybe then get them checked over by a native speaker? That would at least get things started.

We are getting closer and Mark promises that within a couple of months we will open the site to a number of new languages including Dutch.

I just noticed this thread.

Steve, is Czech going to be added in a couple of months too?

That’s good news! The past weeks I’ve been studying Dutch rather intensely (that’s the reason that I am rather inactive on this site at the moment), because I want to spend my hollidays in the Netherlands this year (and surely several times in the course of the following years). This language is fairly easy to learn for German and English speaking people (at least if you only want to have a basic knowledge). I will certainly proceed learning it after my vacation time (even though a little less intensely, so that I have the time for the other languages, too). I’m looking forward to the time, when I can study all those languages on only this site, because I really appreciate the learning methods on LinQ.

P.S.: Any help from Dutch speaking members would be welcome…(my level is A2, I’ll start soon with B1)

If anybody needs help with Dutch, just contact me!

Of course when I have time I think I’ll be available too

gr. mackenzie

Thank you for your offer, vincentd and mackenzie! I will certainly contact you soon…

I really can’t wait until they we Dutch on LingQ! I can’t find anything to help me advance with Dutch in an enjoyable way, and for me LingQ is very effective and enjoyable. If anyone knows of anything similar then don’t hesitate to let me know! And if there’s any more news on when Dutch will be here, that will be appreciated. Maybe I’ll be needing more patience waiting for Dutch LingQ to arrive than i do with the language learning process itself! x

It’s been a long wait, and I can tell you’re eager to get started on Dutch at LingQ :slight_smile:

We have a few things in the pipeline, one of which is “beta languages” which will essentially allow you to study any language on LingQ and share contents in the Library, share User Hints, etc. We hope to have this completed in the next couple of months.

Can any of us volunteer to be “beta languages” beta testers when you start the testing phase?