Any Dutch Lingq, yet?

Everyone will be a Beta tester! Once we have enough content, interest and support, in a language, it will become a regular language.

I’m really excited for Dutch also :slight_smile:

Any news? Is it still unsure when the new languages will be here? :slight_smile:

Hi guys.

Do you have an update regarding this?

I think Dutch would be a great addition… From what I have read online, it’s a lot easier to learn than German (relatively speaking), if you already speak English.

I was referring more to this: “which will essentially allow you to study any language on LingQ”.

Hi Pete,

It’s hard to give a specific time frame for beta languages, as I mentioned recently here on the forum. However, we will have them up as soon as possible :slight_smile: There will likely be inevitable delays, but we are excited to get them completed and finally on the site!

Cool, thanks :slight_smile:

Alex, do you already have sufficient material for Dutch to go Beta ? I seem to remember there were some keen Dutch LingQers who were going to take care of this.

The idea of beta languages is that we will not officially support these languages, so it will be completely up to the members’ activity whether or not a language will be successful. If a language appears to generate a lot of attention, including lessons, tutors and learners, then we will consider adding it to our officially supported list, and will work on issues specific to that language.
But it’s up to you guys which languages make it that far :slight_smile:

Could you give an actual timeline for the introduction of these beta languages, rather than “we will have them up as soon as possible” ?
I’ve been hearing this for the last two years, so I’m none the wiser as to when they will actually be introduced. Could we be waiting another two years ?

Not that I’m trying to be difficult, but people are beginning to laugh at me when I ask for a loaf of bread in Dutch and it’s becoming rather embarrassing to say the least.

Beta languages is our solution to the constant request for new languages, and is actually a relatively new consideration. Regarding the timeline, we aren’t honestly sure how long it will take, but it will be added this summer for sure :smiley:

In Dutch, a loaf of bread would be ‘een stuk brood’.

@Alex: Thanks. Look forward to it.
@Vincent: I tried that once, but was angrily escorted from the store by her supervisor.

@Chimpgod It should take you about 6 months or if it happens to be added here on LingQ, maybe sooner. It’s relatively easy to learn if you can find the resources. Shame it’s still not here on LingQ. I’ve had to move on to Swedish because the wait has been to long. :frowning:

I really hope beta languages “will be added this summer for sure”, Alex, because since a few days I have a renovated commitment to dramatically improve my Polish! :slight_smile:

I heard they’re testing them out at the moment, if you look at the thread : “Any resources out there for Cantonese?”.

Thanks for the hint, James! That’s really good news. I hadn’t read the thread because I thought it would be about Cantonese only, which I am not interested in.

I am hoping it will be next week. We are waiting for a few other fixes that will all be uploaded together.