[Answered: Transcription by Hand Format] A formatting/formatting language I can input into the text field for a new lesson Import?

Hey all,

Can some formatting/formatting language be done to help LingQ’s system recognize sentences in the transcripts we write into the transcript box in a new lesson import? Sort of like how Markdown works for the LingQ Forum posts?

Is there a resource/cheat sheet you can point to or a way that you find works better to indicate a sentence break and paragraph break in a transcript you pasted into the text box?

Hopefully, this makes sense.


P.S. I did find these posts related to formatting—for anyone interested (*ongoing list*):

I see you have found your answer in other posts. you can see in the screenshots how using “sentence markers” and “enter” work in formatting the text. see how paragraphs and sentences are made.

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Thank you @LingQ_Support! These visuals help the most out of everything I found (which was a more recent development).

Thank you for the images!