[LingQ Knowledge Base: #en:importing] Adding "Formatting Transcripts Manually Using the Input Text Field" in Manual Imports

Update on the P.S. below: Thank you to LingQ_Support for providing a concise answer to my formatting question with visuals! Any way to Update the LingQ Knowledge base with that photo/concise explanation?

Continuing the discussion from [Answered][Transcription by Hand Format] A formatting/formatting language I can input into the text field for a new lesson Import?:

Hi LingQ Team,

Q: Is it possible to add “Formatting Transcripts Manually Using the Input Text Field in Manual Imports” as a guide in the Knowledge Base ?

Under Importing → under the Manual imports section of Intro to Importing into LingQ and as its guide?

It would be nice to know how to do this as I focus on learning from content I transcribe from sources that LingQ can’t import from as a video file (e.g., Weverse) for my personal use.

It would help if I could communicate proper sentence and paragraph breaks to the LingQ app/system(?), so it’s not guessing where those would be and would reduce time manually going through and double checking everything.

Thank you!

P.S. Any quick tips on this since my post isn’t getting any responses in the Open Forum? If so, can you reply to my original post so other users may see and benefit from the information if they come across my question in the open forum? :pray:

Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. We will look into it.

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