Android, Phrase selection on Xiaomi devices with MIUI firmware

I encountered an issue on my Xiaomi device. It is not possible to select a phrase to add it as LingQ. As I found, it is NOT a bug in your app but wrong/weird implementation of text selection by Xiaomi. I thought, that I should let you know about this at least to allow you to inform your customers and direct their frustration into the right direction i.e. to Xiaomi.

More information:

I wouldn’t mind if you find a workaround for that. :wink: Until then, I have to use my old phone.
If you need a betatester I’m willing to help.

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I ve just bought a redmi note 7 and I’ m experiencing the same bug you decribed above.
Is there any fix for this problem or could someone point me in the right direction to find a way to fix the problem?
This bug turns lingq unusable…
thank you

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As far as I know, there is no fix for that - from a user perspective. There are workarounds for app developers, but it not my specialization, so I don’t know how hard or easy is to apply them.

Well I suppose flashing the device with a pure stock Android rom would help

Let s see when they ll release it

Does anyone found how to solve this problem?

Hi everyone,
I will check this with our Android developer and see if there is anything we can do to fix this problem on Xiaomi devices.


ok. thank you. Let us know please :slight_smile:

Hi, is there any chance for a fix?
I’m going to change my phone in next weeks and I’d like to know if should I avoid Xiaomi.

Still not good and I don’t believe that they will fix that. :frowning:

Hmm, this problem should have been solved. I’ll report this again to our developers and I hope they will find a solution until next app update. Thanks for your patience everyone.
@Min2augas can you please let me know which device are you using?

Hi @zoran
I am using Xiaomi Redmi Note 7.
I just checked updates and restarted phone. No changes, still does not work.
Thank you for help.

HI, I have the same problem and it’s very frustrating. I can’t use the app at all especially when I study Persian. in Persian most phrases have two words minimum. Most of the day I do not have access to computer so I learn very little per day because of this problem.

@Cinderela Which device and android version are you using?

xiaomi redmi note 6, android 8.1
tablet - Asus Zenped C7 android 5.0.2
I can’t save phrases on any of these devices or I don’t know how to do it.

@Cinderela When you tap and hold on a white word, do you get an option to highlight a phrase? And when you highlight it do you see “Add LingQ” button?

I’ve had the same problem since I bought a xiaomi redmi note 8.

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Same problem for me

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I think it’s a bug in LingQ app. This has not happened to me in any other app.

Hi everyone, I just bought a xiaomi redmi note 8 pro because my previous phone is no longer working, and I have the same problem as the screenshot shows, I just can select single words, I can’t select phrases and this only happens in the Lingq app, I was trying in many other apps and in the other apps I don’t have that problem. I hope you can solve this problem in the next update please, in the meantime I will unsubscribe because I don’t feel it is very helpful :frowning: I have android 10 and MIUI 12. As long as I know this problem is fixed I’ll subscribe again cause this app is wonderful. Thanks.

@kevin_or12 Please give it another try once we release 5.0 update soon.