Android, Phrase selection on Xiaomi devices with MIUI firmware

Waiting anxiously…

I hope you will fix it.
I have Samsung tablet and it helps in home.

Sure I will, we are waiting for the update. Can you give us an approximate date when the 5.0 update will be available? Please.

It’s hard to say exact date, since we are still working on it, but hopefully within one month.

Hey zoran, do you have any news about this update?

How’s it going with the new update? When will it be launched?

Sorry guys, there’s huge amount of work to be done on all 3 platforms and we are doing our best to have 5.0 version ready to launch asap. Our mistake was announcing it a bit to early.
We should release Android beta version soon, and hopefully after successful testing soon after full version will be released.

Hey guys when is the app gonna be ready? :frowning: The year is almost done.
Do you know at least if the xiaomi problem with words selection was fixed?

@kevin_or12 We will start beta testing the app any moment now, and soon after we will push it to all members. We need to make sure it’s completely functional and without issues, and that requires lot of testing. We expect that Xiaomi issue will be gone in new version.

I get this. You can select a phrase by double tapping on it if someone else has already made a phrase, but that’s it.

i have the very same problem. may i ask for an update on the possible fix? i just downloaded the app yesterday.

@Rob108 Are you using Xiaomi device too? We hope that issues with Xiaomi devices will be solved in the upcoming update to LingQ 5.0 version. We are working on it.

Yes, exactly. Good luck guys, hope you make it! :slight_smile: The sooner the better ofc, but i know the struggles with software development all too well :stuck_out_tongue: cheers

Hey guys, do you have any news about the new version? Or do you decide to give up on it?

@WillianSousa Beta version is available. If you are interested to join the Beta, please contact me on support(at) for more details.

Same problem here. I just bought a new phone Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro and I can just select single words. LingQ is working perfectly fine on my Mac and my Ipad.