Android LingQ Audio Player problems


I have been using LingQ, A LOT.

(1) However, when I want to go outside my house and listen to my playlist I find that after a couple of seconds or so the player just freezes, this doesn’t happen always however.

To fix this, I need to swipe down so the player page can refresh and I can press the play button to listen again. Only refreshing makes the player work again. Making sure I am on 4G before leaving the house doesn’t work either, it doesn’t seem to be a problem with finding a network, even when WI-FI is turned off.

(2) It freezes also when ever I open a different app and have LingQ running in the background, it freezes always after 10 - 20 seconds.
The playlist and audio player only works if I open LinQ and only JUST LinQ.
To fix this I need to open split view so I can use a different app however not all apps are supported on Android. I am using Android Oreo (Galaxy S8)

(3) I can recreate this problem on my Samsung Tablet S2 as well.

(4) the audio also seems to lower it’s volume every time I press on a word and text to speech is activated. But sadly, it doesn’t resets the volume to standard levels after. On both my tablet S2 and Galaxy S8.
Text to speech also doesn’t always work, on both devices for some reason. I have to put the devices on lock. Unlock it and then it starts working again.


Thanks for reporting it. We have already noticed some issues with the playlist too and our Android developer is looking into it.
Hopefully your detailed explanations will also help him to figure out the issue!

I am having the exact same issue! Please can this be looked into Zoran?

We are going to release new app version soon and this issue will be fixed. Thanks for your patience!

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Any specific date?

I have received the update, I’m not sure what the update exactly fixed. The problem is still there sadly.

We haven’t released any update yet. Fix for the mentioned issue should come with the update we plan to release during next week. Thanks for your patience everyone.

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That’s odd, I did receive something. Google Play store did update my LingQ app.
Anyway can’t wait for the fixes, the support and responses are so fast. I’m amazed by how great LingQ is working for me so far generally speaking!! Thanks!

Sorry, my bad! Update was released yesterday but it didnt included the playlist issue fix, we are going to release new update within next few days with fix for that.

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Hi Zoran,

Many thanks for the quick fix. It’s getting better but …

When I’m listening to the audio of one lesson (directly, not from playlist), and if I get a notification in Android OS, the audio play freezes. This is observed in Android 8.0.0 with latest LingQ app from Google play store.

Could your team help to have a look?

Thank you so much!

I have also noticed in my Android APP there is an issue with running the lessons in order on the playlist. Is this common?

I have received the new update however, the problem still persists.

@Seul-gi Are you using wi-fi or mobile data for playlist listening? If you are on mobile data, make sure that you have “Download Playlist on 3G” option enabled under settings and it should work properly.

I’m on wi-fi :frowning:

I’ve also made sure that my android battery saving feature is not the cause, I put the app under unmonitored so it should technically always stay open if the player is playing something.

I have the exact same problem on my android phone. Sometimes I can listen for 10-15 minutes, other times it freezes every 10-15 seconds.

Under the same circumstances that you’re describing.

Just wanted to chime in here. I downloaded the app last night on my phone (Galaxy S9), and it consistently just closes. If I start playing audio in it and go to another app, within a minute or so, LingQ has closed itself. Oddly, it doesn’t seem to be crashing - I don’t get the usual “such and such app has stopped working” message from the Android OS. LingQ is just no longer running. Every time this happens, it loses my place in what ever audio I’m listening to.

Is this being worked on? I was wanting to sign back up for a premium account, but the app not working quite right is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

There have been a couple of updates lately for the Android app, sadly none of them fixed the issue you are stating. I am still having the same problems as well.

Oh, that’s unfortunate. :frowning: As it is, the app is practically useless for me.

I totally agree I use this app for at least 3 hours a day and this is a complete killer.