And Canucks won!

I wonder if Sami Salo is one of the Sami tribe:

My bruins choked in game 4! If they lose tonight they are toast! Although, i went to UMass-Lowell with Roloson, so if they beat us, I will root for Tampa.

When was the last time a Canadian team played a NHL final? Was it Calgary Flames?

Even though I don’t follow ice-hockey (although I could see myself getting into it if living somewhere else), I’ve always had the impression that the Finns tend to choke in big tournaments, and especially against Sweden. So I was very happy to find out about the result in the world championships.

“Maybe we will have Finnish here at LingQ one day!” - Excellent idea, Steve! :smiley:

“I wonder if Sami Salo is one of the Sami tribe” - If you’re referring to his name, Ed, to me it is just the equivalent of Sam or Sammy (they also have Samuli in Finnish).

I was really impressed when I watched Sami Salo being interviewed after the game. He speaks English very fluently. Actually, he speaks English like a native one.

“I was really impressed when I watched Sami Salo being interviewed after the game. He speaks English very fluently”

Well, he’s spent a lot of time practicing with well-educated doctors throughout his career :slight_smile:

Hi, dooo. What do you mean? What do you know that I don’t? Come on, fill me in!

Sami Salo and all hockey players who speak fluent English learned their English on LingQ, or at least sound as if they did.

Yes Humberto I think it was Calgary!! Although today every team has players from all over so it is difficult to call any team more Canadian than another.

@ humberto

Sami Salo’s injury-prone career with the Canucks

Wow!.thanks dooo.

Btw, and getting out of subject for a second, I am missing you as a LingQ tutor. I really enjoyed every English conversation I paticipated in under your tutoring. You are really great!. Are you planning on coming back as a LingQ tutor?. Last time I considered to paricipate in an English LingQ conversation I looked you up but I could not find you.

And just resuming the hockey subject: GO, Canucks, GO

Thanks for your kind words Humberto.

I am going to be back sometime in the next year or so.

Canucks in the NHL final! Great game yesterday. I should say that San Jose may have played better than Canucks but when a team is for something big strange things happen. Canucks tied the game with only 16 seconds left and that was it! And of course Luongo was brilliant! 56 saves! WOW!

Bruins Win!! Bobby Orr is happy!! Phil Esposito is sad!! Rjtrudel is elated!!

Should be a great final! People are pretty excited around here…!

Well guys, the puck is about to drop. What is your prediction? …I would say: Canucks in six …

Vancouver 1 - Boston 0 . Great game - go Canucks go …

It’s too warm and sunny to predict hockey :slight_smile:

I predict the Canucks will take game 1!

Canucks in 5…

hilarious video about the Finals from the perspective of a Bruins fan in Vancouver. Warning: lots of vulgar 4 letter words… fell free to delete if it is too inappropriate

I saw the same video and thought it was hilarious, too. BUT there is a fair amount of swearing, so view at your own risk!