Allowing the receipt of coins when adding hours listened (and other things)?

Since obtaining coins should not be treated like a competiton (as one could just click through texts or mark words as known), I´d like to know why exactly adding information on how much I did for my learning during a day doesn´t influence the number of coins I receive.

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Here’s how you can earn coins: How to earn Coins and what to do with them?

Thank you, but there is simply one thing I do not undertand:
" * Listening: 100 Coins for every hour of listening you do, either in the Reader or in Playlists (manually added Listening will not earn you Coins). So 3 minutes of listening will earn you 5 Coins".

Why can the manual adding of Listening, for example, not earn me coins?

Manually added time won’t give you any coins, because in that case, users would be able to “cheat” the system and take advantage in challenges.

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