90 Days of Major Germinization

                 Hello to everyone in the Lingq Community. As the title says, I'm going to try to be more serious with my German. It's been about a year since I have started learning German at a sort of playful pace, but I still feel like I didn't reach hardly any goals in that time. This is why for the first time ever that I'm deciding to put a thread/blog about my learning, so when I don't post about my day to day process/ my snapshots. I can punish myself/ hold myself responsible to do double the work the next day, in addition of other activities that will involve me more in the German language.
                I'm going to be using Lingq, Memrise, and my little book that has some useful grammar: Lingq will be my primary source of reading and listening, Memrise for additional vocab and reinforcement of recently learned vocab, and my book for grammar explanations.  Further more to this, I try to or would like to try to read some some article off of Lingq to make it seem less like work. 
                I'd like to know what you think about my plan whether I should add something or remove an item. Any type of feedback, positive and negative, will be absolutely and tremendously helpful to me. 

                Thank you very much, if you do respond.

Congratulations on your decision. Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg! Möge deine Durchhaltekraft größer sein als meine :slight_smile:

As to adding an element: how does communication feature in your programme? (Some of us are more interested in reading and understanding (me!), but on the whole speaking seems to be a big part of any serious challenge,)

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This 90 day challenge to build up a greater passive knowledge of the language, so i at the moment I don’t plan on doing anything active skill yet. Even in English and French I hardly speak, but have a fantastic passivity in the languages.

Ich freue mich auf ein zukünftig Gespräch.

Day 1

I’ve done an hour’s worth of listening, and I started watching Die großen Kriminalfälle which I hardly understood. I’ve also done some off lingq website reading. then lastly finished off by going through 30 mem cards/words.

I think that for the first day of my challenge it wasn’t so bad of a start. I just hope I don’t get off track by the Language Wonder Lust Syndrome( LWLS). I’m pumped up for day 2.


Good luck! At the beginning I would probably choose something to watch that I know in my native language very well.

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Language Wanderlust Syndrome?
And thanks for the Krimi series. I can pretty well understand these movies now. All the best for your learning!

Vowels can produce interesting changes in English: Wanderlust, Wonderlust, Wunderlust. All are wonderful. As for me, I do suffer from Language Wanderlust. It can be a time-consuming affliction. There was a thread on it some time last year, started by @AI3.

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I will take this advice when I want to watch something. I think I was just super excited that I wanted to watch a crime show in German, but then I was worried about understanding at the minimum 30% of the entire show. I’ll come back to this series in the future one day for entertainment, since I really like Crime shows. Viel danke Vera! für Ihre Tipp empfehlen. I think I’ve wrote this correctly, but if I didn’t I’m sorry.

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Das ist kein problem. No problem
Du hast einer gross Wortschatz Ginkgo! Also danke. Ich hoffe dich viel Erfolg in Ihrer Fremdsprache.

Viel Erfolg :slight_smile:

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Danke Paule und viel Erfolg in Polnisch!

Day 2

    I went through my routine of listening and reading on lingq, and going on memrise for more vocab. My listening is, what I found out , to be quite lacking in my opinion. I think that I should the weekend for listening passively and actively all day long.

     I learned some interesting verbs in my opinion like:  ablehen, aufhören, aufgeben, anbauen, annehmen, and many others. I've been reviewing the recently learned vocab at certain times of the day, for example: in the morning,  during my evening launch, and at night. 

    I've started to watch Marco Polo in German on Netflix, since I've already seen it in English and French. I understood still a small percentage of the first half of the show without subtitles, and then I turned the subtitles on in German and understood a little be more. I guess I will have to re-watch it again listening more attentively, which I don't mind because I think it is a good show. 

   I've started to go through one of Evgueny and Fasulye podcast called," DIE GESCHICHTE DES FAHRRADS". I listened first a couple of times without the text on screen, then went into reading the text and looking up words( not every word, just the higher frequency words). Most of my time on lingq was spend on Drei Minuten Für Ihre Gesundheit, because it has very good audio quality and gives out tips about how to stay healthier in German.

  I think that so far I might be making good process, but I could of probably read more.  Anyways I can try to do it for tomorrow.
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Day 3

Once again I went through my routine of going on to lingq and memrise. Today was little of busy day due to spring cleaning, but I was listening on my mp3 player the majority of the time. I think today wasn’t all that good, since the house has been cleaned I will be calm for tomorrow.

I’ve wanted to re-read DIE GESCHICHTE DES FAHRRADS, but I only read a small bit of it. At least I can read and listen more of it before bed time.

So in my opinion of day 3, it was horrible and would of liked to have more exposure.

Forget it! Clearly, not the German, but how you felt yesterday. I would have liked to do more language-related activities yesterday as well, instead of chasing around in a soft-play area, but reality has a tendency to interfere :slight_smile:

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Good luck! Will be interested to hear how things go.

“It’s been about a year since I have started learning German at a sort of playful pace, but I still feel like I didn’t reach hardly any goals in that time.”

What were your goals that you didn’t meet? Have you set specific (or different?) goals for yourself this time? Maybe looking at this more closely will help with working out how you need to change your methods, if you do.

I’ve just started working through ‘Drei Minuten fuer Ihre Gesundheit’ too, by the way.

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Hi, Im working hard on my german pasive vocavulary aswell, I started from scrach one year ago. I may have read like 50 easyreaders books using link, Now Im getting tired of so many krimis. Im looking forward to reading real content. See you around!

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My main goal of this challenge is to gain a far better passive understanding, 80% would be a great success, of German media, for example: Movies, TV shows, Radio, Reading in books, and Understand some of the news. Currently I don’t have enough words and lack a basis of understanding, so this is why I felt I hardly achieved any goals during all of last year.

I hope that you will enjoy that series! :slight_smile: I am on Folge 12 Haarausfall/ Hair-loss.

Hello Esko_Yera! Real content is always better than the unrealistic situations in phrase books. This is why I start learning German here on lingq, since they have many fantastic podcasts, which my friend recommended me if I wanted to learn another language. I hope that you will enjoy the real content. Buena suerte Esko_Yera in estudiando los idiomas. I think I wrote this correctly. My high school Spanish is rusty.

I know 80% is a rough guide but it’s good to remember how much understanding varies across different content too. I’ve been learning roughly the same length of time as you (plus maybe a few more months dabbling before LingQ) and sometimes I feel like I understand close to 80% of a podcast, but then with something else only 30%. It’s a huge variation.

With ‘Drei Minuten’ if I listen without reading, the first time I don’t understand much - maybe 30%. If I repeatedly listen, I might get up to 60% or even a bit more. But I need to read to get past 80%. I find the speed relatively fast and combined with quite succinct content, it makes it maybe a bit harder to understand, especially when you have gaps in your vocabulary. But for those reasons I think it’s probably good listening practice for me. I try to do 2-3 a day and hoping to churn through them :slight_smile:

I have the same sort of experience with the second phrase you’ve just said. Listening the first time to a new episode of Drei Minuten without reading makes you seem that you know far less of the vocab, After a couple of listening loops that increases by some or little, then we go to read the text and somehow understand most of the written words and sentences. We have more time to process the information while reading, but not in listening because it is coming in a quick pace. But you know what Debbielim? We’ll conquer our lack of listening comprehension, and we’ll be fluent in German in a years time from now!( Hopefully)

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