90-Day Challenge Goals

Hello all!

I haven’t seen a post about this so I figured I would start a thread for everyone participating in this challenge.

So… What are your goals for this 90-Day Challenge?

I will be studying Russian, and I am hoping to create at least 5000 lingqs, improve my known words number to at least 1200, spend at minimum of 10 hours of instense listening, speak up more in my Russian class at my university, and most important, read and write everyday with natives. I will make it my personal goal to also use LingQ for a minimum of 45 minutes every day, with the hope that I will be able to expose myself to even more content.

I can’t wait to hear everyone’s goals, good luck all, let’s get to work!



To improve my level of French. Unfortunately I have an exam in a few months time and need to get improve my level of French. Although, during this 90 day challenge I hope to do a lot of listening and reading (because that is what’s going to be examined).

My aim is going to be to have a much greater active vocabulary and hopefully progress in French.

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Your goals sound great! I am going to learn French as I am just a beginner :slight_smile: You also can share your thoughts and experiences on the 90-Day Challenge page: Login - LingQ

Best of luck to you with your languages!

I’m also learning Russian for the challenge; my goal is to bring it to atleast an intermediate level and hopefully I will be able to speak it well in a few months, because I really want to travel to St.Petersburg this year :D.


I want to earn the 200-coin pink and white polka-dot outfit for my avatar.
I’m absolutely serious!:slight_smile:


My main goal is to complete the Beginner 1 level in Russian.
My secondary goal is to bring my Portuguest to the next level. I am planning a trip to Portugal, which would give me a chance to speak Portuguese (and I wouldn’t be able to study Russian during this trip…). I’m curious to see if I can reach at least either of these goals.


So has the 90-day challenge started yet?

@ xuedaolao

Did you reset your Chinese account before the challenge?

Indeed, it would be good to know who is also taking the challenge and how they are doing.

Well what I will do is see all of my statistics for the 90 days by clicking “Past 3 months” under my avatar, once the challenge is over.

Where are you looking at this? I hope everything I did is credited for today.

Oh well, it just means I have to learn more!

@all - By popular request, we are looking to release a rankings list and a new option on the Progress Snapshot specific to the 90-Day Challenge that will show you your progress starting today along with the final targets that you have to reach during the 90 days. The challenge, however, has officially begun :slight_smile:

@Alex- Thank you!

I am hoping to take my Korean known words up to 10,000. Fortunately I have the time since I was planning (and saving) for a 90 day benny like challenge from the end of last year.


@ alex

Do statistics added manually count in all this?

@Julz611 - I’ll have to check on this. It will be clear once the new option is added to the Progress Snapshot. It has a big impact now, but after 30 days or so you probably won’t even notice the little blip that today makes :slight_smile:

@ColinJohnstone - Yes, manually added statistics also count. Not everyone will do all their writing, speaking, reading or listening through the LingQ interface, so we want to allow these learners to also record their stats for these activities and count them towards their challenge targets.

I’m planning on doing a minimum of 1 hour a day. I’d like to be in the top half of the rankings :wink:

Oh cool, I just hit the motherload of interesting content for me in Japanese.It’s now possible for me to do at least an hour a day :slight_smile:

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I plan on doing some Chinese karaoke on the exchange - should be good for a laugh^^