90-Day Challenge Bug -- adds unwanted languages

@kimojima - The notification message for you specifically shows up on your profile - I checked and it looks like you’ve only signed up for French so you should be good to go.

Regarding multiple languages, the option is there but you aren’t required to choose more than one language. Some people only have 30 minutes a day to devote to language study, whereas some others may have 4 or 5 hours a day. We don’t want to restrict learners from choosing multiple languages (much in the same way as we allow learners to study multiple languages at the same time on the site), as that is a decision that is up to the individual learner.

EDIT - By the way, the additional notifications you’re seeing are likely on the Exchange page and are messages that have been posted to other members’ walls.

@ kimojima

“and, surprisingly, French AND Spanish are on there”

Come on. These are basically the same language. They are just spoken with different accents and different moustache styles.

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@kimojima - Ah, I see what you mean :wink: That page is an additional account we created, so these statistics are for that specific account. We’ll see if we can do anything to make this clearer!

Where can I find the 90 day challenge details? Anything I see directs me to the sign up page which I’ve already done. I chose Russian fwiw

Is the challenge just to hit daily/weekly targets as usual? I thought it’d be a bit more involved, like -study this particular thing today, and that tomorrow- type thing :frowning:

I have signed up for the challenge as I am struggling a little with Spanish… But what is the challenge?, how do you start it etc. or is it just keep doing what you are doing already but with a fancy title?

I thought same as you @btotheb, just seems like carry on as normal but making it sound more exciting (not).

I just signed up for the 90-day challenge in Russian. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of gum!

I have one question though. Kimojima wrote ‘I checked my 90-Day Challenge page…’. Where is my 90-Day Challenge page?

@kimojima - Thank you very much for your explanation and encouragement! Indeed, the main Challenge requirement is hitting your targets, which means a lot: discipline, motivation, intensity… every day, with no excuses. It is not easy. However, if you already hit your targets regularly, you can try to exceed them now! It will be your personal challenge. Also, we believe that you will get a lot of interesting tips, tools, and tricks from each other (we encourage you to share your experiences, your personal challenges, and achievements with other LingQers) as well as from Steve Kaufmann who is going to do his Korean Challenge. Best of luck to everybody!

@ColinJohnstone - kimojima was referring to the 90-Day Challenge page where you can interact with others. The page is here: Login - LingQ

@kimojima - Well put! The existing targets are actually challenging to hit for most learners on the site, and our goal over the next 90 days (starting January 15th, of course!) is to consistently hit these targets, week after week.

Hi Alex
You chose the #90daychallenge hashtag for twitter, but it is being used by other entities, it would be a good idea to change it to something more related to Lingq.
Just my opinion.

@ Alex

So when are we assessed in our activity? Is it at the end of each day, at the end of each week, or at the end of the entire thing? By that, i really mean, do we fail if we miss the target some days/weeks, even if we make up for it at the end of the three months?

@mfr - Part of the reason for selecting the hashtag #90daychallenge is that we hope others who see this hashtag will discover LingQ. We also are encouraging learners to use the hashtag #LingQ, which should make it easier to find posts from challenge participants.

@ColinJohnstone - Just at the end of the three months, so if you really want to you can slack off for two months then go hard at it for one month and still complete the challenge. We don’t recommend this, but it is an option :wink:

If you perform a search at twitter with the hashtag #90daychallenge you’ll get lots of slimming, fitness and diet programmes.
Hashtags should be unique, I think.


What is the difference between studying without signing up to the challenge and studying after signing up?


@jolanda - If you don’t sign up then you won’t get the weekly email updates, and you won’t have a chance to earn a special Avatar item :wink:

Oh man, I want that Pokemon toy baaaaaaad. When are you guys gonna add the ability for us to have fights between our Pokemons?

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@ColinJohnstone - As soon as you stop double posting. Actually, that’s not true. We probably need to add different species and add some HP and atk/def algorithms. You’re probably better off playing Pokemon in German for now… :wink:

Still, it would be a great feature. You could announce monthly Pokemon tournament winners and we could get out Pokemons strong by feeding them LingQs. Time spent listening increases agility and every speaking session gives a special one-off attack. That would be motivation and a half!

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@ColinJohnstone - Perhaps food for thought for a future challenge…to the death…except no gore because we want to be child-friendly.