90-Day Challenge Bug -- adds unwanted languages

Yeh, but I’d lose every time because “Steve Obi-wan Kanobi” will use his light-saber. After Steve Googles what the light saber is…:)~

…ooh, a bit below the belt, Julz611, good though! :wink: What exactly is a light saber?

Yes…the artificial person seduced me into signing up for a Chinese challenge. I’m tempted to throw roses, gift points and 6 month membership to this robot. (Just kidding)

@my friend SueW - google it! Hahaha!

But if you want to understand the joke…here’s something I did re Movember:

@ kimojima

“…who is beckoning me to have a breakthrough in Spanish instead of French.”

Style your moustache however you want.

@ Julz

Who is seducing you?

I quite like the idea of this challenge. I think kimojima is right that it is a difficult challenge, and completing it will require a lot of work. I am not looking forward to the writing part of it. Writing for me is mostly about practicing grammar, and Russian grammar is haaaaaard.

Maybe the next challenge after this could be a writing challenge. I think most people here agree that writing is a great thing to do when learning, and most of us do not do enough writing for sure.

@Colin -Why, the artificial person/robot called “90DayChallenge” of course! And I succumbed…

@kimo - nah, they just love my aussie accent ^^

Of course. I have not been seduced by any charming LingQ robots, I am sorry to say.

Yes, I imagine it can be demotivating in this way. For me it is motivating and a half, even now. The main difficultly for me will be writing, so I need as much knowledge of Russian as possible.

@kimojima - I notice the same thing for myself as well, but the idea of announcing it early was to give people time to sign up and get ready. In many ways it’s just the calm before the storm, and I’m sure we’ll all be pretty busy come January 15th :slight_smile:

On January 15th I’ll be sipping iced coffee and painting my toenails…since I’m in the future.^^ Edit: Adelaide is literally 18 and a half hours ahead of Vancouver!