Zero to Hero Language Player

I wonder if any of you have been using ZeroToHero’s Language Player in addition to Lingq?

(Language Player)

I really like that you can jump to any part of a video and see the subtitles and translation. I wish Lingq would get to that level.

Not sure if it is worth 89$ though.


It’s $ 89 / lifetime, so, may be having youtube organized for language learning is worth it. Definitely interesting project.

Definitely have to look more into it. I didn’t know it. But it looks interesting.

I use the language reactor browser extension (for Chrome / Edge). That’s good enough for me, the important features are: it can auto-pause after each subtitle, allows repeating the audio matching the current subtitle and allows revealing the text on demand. I don’t use the translation and don’t pay either. Ideally one remaps the keys, I’m thinking about getting a primitive bluetooth remote for this purpose. But language player looks good as well, shame that they request payment after 1 minute of video already.

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“shame that they request payment after 1 minute of video already”. Yes, I used it a bit when it was free 1-2 years ago. Back then I thought it was too good to be free. So, I am not surprised they switched to a pro mode.

Danke Jan für deinen Hinweis auf den “languageplayer”. Ich werde das Tool demnächst mal ausprobieren. Grüße aus Niedersachsen.

that’s pretty slick. agreed 89 is expensive for it though.

I personally find some of the site’s settings useful and I’ve shared them with the LingQ team.

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