Yvonne and Evonne

The pronunciations of Yvonne and Evonne are the same???

Thank you!!!

Could very well be, yes. But you can never know for certain how an individual’s name is pronounced. There are often variations in spelling as well as pronunciation. I know an Amy whose name is spelled Aimee. I also had a great-grandmother whose name was spelled Maria but was pronounced like Mariah Carey. So you can never know for sure just from the spelling. This is true of people’s names as well as place names. The best you can do is to guess at the pronunciation and hope you get it right.


Agree with Bruce. Difficult to say. I think Evonne would be pronounced as “E-vonne” (long E). But I could see the stress being on either syllable depending on how they want it pronounced.

Yvonne I could see being the same as above, but also could see it pronounced as “Ya-vonne”.

You just really can’t tell. It becomes more difficult as people come up with strange spellings for familiar names or just simply the background of where they are from. Depending on where they are from the names could be typically pronounced differently even though they are spelled exactly the same.

In short, Bruce’s advice is best…pick one and just go with it. Or if this is a person you are speaking to, you can ask how they pronounce their name.

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