'Yrken' or 'yrker' (Swedish)?

I am currently learning Swedish via DuoLingo, Quizlet and Wiktionary. I use wiktionary because DuoLingo won’t show me any complete rows of words (for example woman: ‘en kvinna’, ‘kvinnan’, ‘kvinnor’, ‘kvinnorna’). I stumbled across the word ‘ett yrke’ (a job). According to DuoLingo, this is conjugated as the following: ett yrke, yrket, yrken, and it won’t show me the definite plural form. That’s why I looked it up on Wiktionary. That site told me the indefinite plural form of yrke wasn’t yrken, but yrker, and that the definite plural form was yrkerna. That sounded more logical to me, but now I have no idea which one is right: yrken or yrker. And, if it is yrken, what is the definite plural form? Please tell me, I am pretty confused about it.

Few quick searches seem to indicate that form in Duolingo may be at least more widely used. Both swedish and english wiktionary agree with that, and it is also that way in wordlist of Swedish Academy (yrke | SAOL | svenska.se)

These also say that definite plural form is yrkena

It is yrket (singular) and yrkena (plural) in definite form.
(Ett yrke and flera yrken in indefinite)