YouTubers who add their own closed captions

Hi Everyone!

Do any of you know of YouTubers who add their own captions to their videos (instead of using YouTube’s auto-generated captions)?

This is the best content to use on LingQ because you get both audio and transcripts. For example, here are two channels I found in Japanese that have matching closed captions.

If you know any other YouTubers who do the same, please share them!



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Russian with Max
Russian With Max - YouTube

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For Mandarin, many of MaoMao TV’s videos have captions.
MaoMao TV - YouTube

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Do you know is there a way to import it as a simplified characters?

Unfortunately I don’t know a way–I wish that I did!

Well, I do it in French : THE FRENCH INSTINCT by Katy - YouTube


Found another channel with their own closed captions

Sayuri Saying - YouTube (Japanese)