I want creative some videos in, maybe do you know some softs like Windows Movie maker? because as I know videos which was made by windows movie maker arent work on youtube or I dont know how to change format in wondows movie maker :smiley:

Sony vegas, but I like to use movie maker and when I’m to create a video in the movie maker I can post in my youtube channel without any problem.

“If you’re using Windows Movie Maker, it’s possible you’re trying to upload your .MSWMM file. This is not an actual video file. An .MSWMM file is a Windows Movie Maker project file. If you’re satisfied with your video, choose the “Publish Movie” or “Save Movie File” option (depending on which version you have) under the “File” menu and create a video file such as .avi or .wmv.”

Does that help? .avi files are very common, you shouldn’t have problems with those.

thanks :slight_smile: