Youtube videos with German subtitles (not auto-generated)

I just started importing Youtube videos, but noticed that the ones with auto-generated subtitles can be full of mistakes. I then tried to find German videos with good subtitles not automatically generated, and found a movie collection null - YouTube as well as a a channel from general topics by a journalist MrWissen2go - YouTube

I am pretty sure there are probably thousands of equally good sites out there, and so this post is to get people to share whatever German language channels or individual videos they might like with subtitles that are not auto-generated…


It not YT but, as I guess, German public TV. Most of the videos have subtitles. Some are geo-blocked but still should be possible to have access to tons of quality videos

As I saw in the thread related to importing from YT, MDR is supported in Lingq.

It would be very helpful if someone also shared german Youtube videos for beginners (A2/B1) with good subtitles. So far I’ve found only these channels

  1. Deutsch lernen mit der DW
    Deutsch lernen mit der DW - YouTube
  2. 24h Deutsch
    24h Deutsch - YouTube (though not all videos have subtitles)

Thank you for sharing. You’re right. Using auto-generated subtitles is not a very good idea.