YouTube videos playing generated audio in Playlists

Title more or less explains my issue. I uploaded some YouTube videos following the tutorial on desktop. When I try to play them on the Android version of the app half of them play generated audio rather than the original audio from the video. Has anyone else encountered this issue and how did you fix it?


Are you experiencing this?

Check if your YouTube video has an audio by going into ‘edit course’ and seeing if there is a tick next to audio. If not, maybe post in the above thread, so the staff know you’re experiencing it too.

Thanks, we will look into this.

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Similar problem here. Imported Utube Videos ok, with native French audio & subtitles - via a Pc. Audio & Text etc appears fine when viewed via Lingq /online. But the (audio) Playlist does not work in iOS. The clips all show up, but the original audio does not download or play - just a regenerated vocal. Have tried a few times, with the same result :slightly_frowning_face: What are we doing wrong ?! thx.