YouTube videos do not play in app

Imported YouTube videos do not play in Android app. It only shows an error from within the sub-window. Will this get fixed? Works though when logging in with mobile browser. But the UI in browser is clunky and not suited for learning.

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Sorry about that, we are investigating the issue.

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I seem to be encountering this issue lately. Works fine in iOS and on the web browser, but I have an Android phone and the YouTube videos through LingQ just say:

“An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: YvOq6S4f2owrc7oG) Learn More”

It seems to be isolated to one lesson I imported. So maybe that one lesson just has to be re-imported?

@jpp025 Please try reimporting it and let me know if it helps.

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It worked!

I feel a little silly for not realizing this before, but I did a test and am pretty sure it was because I added the URL rather than using the Chrome extension to import the lesson. So, of course, it would probably make viewing the Youtube video in the app player impossible. I used the Chrome extension this time, and It’s working great now.

Thank you, zoran, for your prompt reply!

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