Youtube video in sentence mode

After importing from YouTube:

  • On my iPad, when in sentence mode, YouTube videos are shown when I push the play button.
  • When using LingQ in a browser no videos are shown. I can still hear the video’s audio though.
    I tested this with different browsers on different platforms.
    Is there a setting to enable video in sentence mode in a browser?

If you don’t see this button

Add the Youtube link here in lesson editor

Thank you for your reply.
I have this button, but the video in the window pop-up isn’t synced with the sentence. Also adding the video in the lesson editor doesn’t help since it’s already included (I imported the video from YouTube).
As I said, it works on my iPad (also on my iPhone btw.) not in the browser.

Strange, what browser are you using?

I usually use Firefox. But I tested Safari and Edge as well.

I’ve raised this previously on the forum and have the same experience. Works a dream on my iphone but on my PC video does not work for sentence mode and only wants to play continuously. I don’t think I got a response.

Thanks, we will investigate that.