Youtube imports with timestamps always plays back highlighted text scrolling slightly out of sync

This affects anything I import from YouTube where the timestamps are auto-generated from the subtitles. So obviously I have made no changes to the timestamps myself. I have been doing imports both through the Chrome extension and the Import Lesson via url.

Imports made a while ago seem ok, but more recent imports, have this problem

I cant seem to see the dates of imports for my content, but there is the id which might help indicate a rough idea for when this problem started.
Correctly syncing (id: 15224566): Login - LingQ
Affected by syncing bug when I first noticed it (id: 15626109): Login - LingQ

And another I imported much more recently with the same issue (id: 16072908): Login - LingQ

During playback, in the mode that does real-time text scrolling (not sure what the “feature” is officially called), the highlighting of the text for the subtitles it imported is slightly out of sync with the audio.

The highlighted text is always the sentence that was said previously, so to follow along I have to read the greyed out text below the highlighted text.

Personally, I find it a significant distraction from my ability to study, as all my concentration is spent on re-mapping what I hear in the audio to the greyed out text that I’m reading further down the page.

I observed this happening across all the clients I use (web, iPhone, iPad) so it does not appear to be a specific client issue.
On iPhone/iPad I’m mainly using the video based “real-time text scrolling” but I did also notice that text scrolling with the audio only has the same problem. The web client does not support scrolling on video (at least I didnt find a way to do it there) so there it is only affecting the audio/text scrolling.

I’m wondering if this is a known bug? If so, is there are fix planned?
In the meantime, is there a quick way to globally offset all the timestamps? (Although if I do this, when it gets fixed properly they might all be wrong again so I’m reluctant to do that)

I would much prefer to study the YouTube material I imported via Lingq, but for now I’m finding its a much better experience to open the content directly in YouTube and use the Language Reactor extension which has the subtitles synced perfectly.
Please let me know what the plans are on this issue so I can look forward to going back to doing all my studying within Lingq instead.

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Thanks for reporting this. We will look into it and try to figure out what’s going in.

Hi Zoran,

Do you have any updates on this bug please?

I just retried to import via the latest version of the Lingq app and I see that the YT import process is still not producing the subtitles in sync for playback.

I have stopped using the app for this purpose for now but it was really the main reason I signed up

This should work properly now, but if you still have issues, I’ll ask our team to look into it again.

I just tested again and yes the problem doesnt look like it was fixed from what I see.
Is it clear what the issue is in terms of how I described this in the original post?

Very surprised this has gone unnoticed by other users as I would have thought the import tool is a key feature that lots of people would use.