Youtube Imports failing - "Unable to extract video data"

Are there any known issues with importing at the moment?
I cannot import video with CC from Youtube just this afternoon, and I am constantly getting these types of error - “Error:Importing failed - ERROR: 8gM6WJ-ED9A: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data”, and this fails for any Youtube channel.
So, just to be sure it was not those videos which cause the problem, I also tried on video which I know that I had previously imported successfully with no issues in the past, and this is failing now as well.
I am on pc (which I have reset), using Chrome browser with LingQ extension version 1.7.19, and CC is activated on youtube video!
Is anyone else having this problem?
Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,


All youtube imports still failing on pc with Chrome browser with same basic error text!
However, I have just successfully imported some youtube videos via iphone., on Safari browser.
So, at least not grounded while waiting for any resolution.
As before, any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks again,

I also have the same problem… tried uninstalling and reinstalling on both Chrom and Firefox and it still does not work. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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I have the same problem.
i use MacOS Big Sur ver 11.0.1 Firefox Browser 82.0.3 (64-bit).

Sorry to hear that. We are looking into it. Can you please provide a link to one of videos you are unable to import? Thanks!

It works now! Thanks!

Hi Zoran

“Error:Importing failed - ERROR: WwRs8oIckEQ: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data”…
Como 5G coloca Brasil no centro de batalha entre gigantes - YouTube
Por que o Brasil continuou um só e a América espanhola se dividiu após independência? - YouTube

As I said originally, it is still happening for ‘any’ youtube video with CC, but here are specific links, and note the error text includes the id of the video …

Hope that helps with investigation?

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It makes me same thing, I tried videos that worked before with no problem, and now it doesn ´t work on those videos aswell.

This should be fixed now. Please give it another try everyone.


Hi Zoran

Yes, this is working fine now, confirmed for both the links I provided earlier, and for some others too.

Was this hiccup perhaps linked to recent announcement that Youtube has decided to insert more advertisements within their posted videos perhaps???
By the way, this has been working fine up until yesterday, and I did not have any problems with this previously as seem to be experienced by other users as I have seen in the other ‘Post’ about similar issues.

Anyway, many thanks for quick response, very much appreciated … :slight_smile:
Br, Frank

for example this link worked 3 days ago :slight_smile: ENG SUB《魔道祖师 Mo Dao Zu Shi》EP07 前尘篇 魁首 - YouTube

Although I lost all my belief that LingQ would EVER fix this problem with YouTube import, to my great surprise, it seems to have been fixed. I have uploaded another video from there successfully after some time of inactivity. Thank you.

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