YouTube Importing Issues

I’ve had problems recently with importing from YouTube.

  1. It’s taking lots of time: I tried two videos in Polish with lengths of 1:49 and 3:49 (Minutes:Seconds). The first one was imported within a few minutes and I’m still waiting for the second one (after two hours).
  2. I imported another video in English (a podact episode 1:24:08) and it’s still in progressing phase after a day.
  3. The imported videos that are added to the playlist cannot be played independently and need youtube to play them. So, they would be stopped when phone screen is locked.

Could you please check these issues?

Thanks for reporting, we will investigate.

Hi @saeed.najafi !
Could you please provide links to those videos, which took too much time to import?


The Polish video:
The English video:

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A quick update about the issues: The “English video” is imported after the second try but it’s strange that “Polish Video” failed after several attempts. I tried other videos afterward and could import them successfully.

Something new I noticed that, opening and browsing the course for the “English video” is very slow. Is it because of its length?

The audio for courses from YouTube is not generated anymore (not only for imported ones even for new existing courses based on YouTube) and that made the problem of listening to them independently from YouTube.

Could you please check these queries? Thanks.