Youtube importer not working

Hi, the youtube importer extension hasn’t been working the last few days, it says uploading for about 5 minutes then just says error. I’ve tried various different videos and it does it on all of them, any suggestions? thanks.


Sorry about that, we are familiar with the issue and we are looking into it. Should be fixed soon.


Brilliant Thankyou

I’m having the same problems importing youtube videos with auto generated subs. In russian and Japanese. CC’s are working okay I think still for me

Is there any movement on the importer being fixed, Zoran; or is it up and running and just failing for me.



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It’s not fixed yet, but our developers are on it and I expect to have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for the update, Zoran. Have a good weekend.


same with me

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Anybody try this to see if it is working now?

Hello any idea when the importer will be back up and running? Thanks


Still receiving an error that says I can’t add more than 10 tags — even when I haven’t added any tags.

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We’ll push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience.


Zoran if there is anyway that you can get some information about what progress has been made
to fix this.? I know this is not on your end, but it would help a bit to know how far off we are from a solution. Thanks!

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the same problem

Any update on the status of a fix Zoran? It would be helpful to know if any progress has been made. Thanks

I successfully imported three movies from YouTube right now. Thank you for the fix!
So happy!

Give it another try now, should be fixed.

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Happy New Year All,
Please could you let me know if the importer is working for Microsoft Edge? Unfortunately I cannot get it to import videos from Youtube today.
Many thanks

Sorry, it doesn’t work at the moment, but our developers are aware of the issue and we will have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience!

Hi Zoran, please could you let me know the target date for a resolution. Many thanks