YouTube import not working - Hebrew

I tried to import a YouTube video with Hebrew with subtitles and it doesn’t work. I am getting a message that there are no subs (when there are)
Here is a video for example - החפרנים: מי המציא את האלף בית? - YouTube
I understand that Hebrew is a beta-language… Does it mean that import from YouTube doesn’t work? That would be a pity…

I will forward your request to our dev team :smiley:

Thank you so much! I have many courses “up my sleeve” that I intend to upload to the Hebrew LingQ, so this YouTube bug is a major nuisance! :slight_smile:

Any updates on this request? As soon as it’s solved I’ll be able to start working on uploading some (many) courses I had in mind…
As well, before I start - how can I know how many Hebrew-learners (I mean, more or less active ones) are there on LingQ at the moment?

I just tried it, it works :smiley:

According to my data, 5723 users are learning / have learned Hebrew. I’m sure they’ll be happy to know this YouTube issue has been fixed as well.


Thank you so much! It really works!!! Yoo-hoo! Uploading bunch of stuff :slight_smile:

Yay thats great!

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Thank you so much for bugging LingQ–and Posting when it worked!
I tried a few months ago and then gave up. But I just got one to work!
What are some of your favorite links to import? I’ve found some good stuff on line, but have only done one YouTube Video with Closed captions. It is amazing, however…:slight_smile:


Thank you!!! I have a whole list of recommendations, I’ll publish is soon! I just need to complete it, some finishing touches, but life gets in the way all the time… I’ll finish as soon as I can, it’s so great to know that there are people out there who need it!

Here we go, ready!!! ^^/