Youtube import not create audio automatically anymore

Previously, when I imported youtube videos, then open lesson on webpage, the audio file was created automatically. Now, I only get the video, not the audio anymore.
It’s not convenient to learn imported lesson on the phone.

Could you please check? Will the function come back soon?

Thank you.


I’m having the same problem with imports from Animelon. I emailed support and was told they were aware and fixing the problem but that was about a month ago now.

Animelon seems to have a bit of issues with the audio. Try it should be fine.

Same here.
I had this problem a few weeks ago, it was fixed, but now the same problem came back.

Unfortunately Google has banned us due to “to many requests” (hopefully temporarily) and at the moment audio can’t be imported automatically. You will need to manually extract it and upload it to imported lesson/video. Sorry about that.


Could you recommend any external service to extract audio from youtube video? If I google it I get dozens of sites, but most of them are heavy on ads and hardly even work.

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I am using this one
Give it a try.


Hi @Zoran, any news?

Unfortunately I don’t think that audio importing will work all the time, sorry. Google just doesn’t allow that anymore so audio will need to be imported manually in some cases.

Really? I’ve imported from youtube in the past couple of days.

Importing does work, but due to Google restrictions audio isn’t always imported automatically together with a video and subtitles.

Suddenly it worked in one of the videos that I just imported. Youtube is the most important source of content for me, I glad it works now.
Hope it means that the issue is fixed.

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No, it worked only once.

Hi Zoran,

The service you linked to works great, but sometimes I have trouble uploading the extracted MP3 file into my LingQ lesson. I’ve been importing Ted Talks in Greek with closed caption Greek subtitles. The video and text import works fine in LingQ, and the extracted audio file plays fine on my computer. However, when I try to upload the extracted audio file into the LingQ lesson, I get an error. Here’s an example:
C:\fakepath\Τι δεν σου είπαν στο σχολείο για τον επαγγελματικό προσανατολισμό Spyros Michaloulis TEDxAUE.mp3

I’ve tried uploading from my Downloads folder and from another folder in my Documents, but I still get that “fakepath” error.

What makes this problem really weird is that on a couple of occasions, the audio mysteriously appeared in the lesson a couple of days after my failed attempts to upload it!

Anyway, do you have any suggestions for how I can resolve this “fakepath” problem? Many thanks!!

Can you please send me example of one of mp3 files you are unable to import to support(at) I’d like to take a closer look into it. Thanks!

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Zoran, I just emailed you an example for the mp3 file, along with a link to the YouTube video it was taken from. Thanks very much for looking into it!

NEVERMIND I now understand that “c:\fakepath” is not an error at all, but a security feature! Working with computers is a bit like learning a new language…