Youtube import longer than 90 minutes (workaround?)

Is there a workaround for uploading youtube videos longer than 90 minutes?

Unfortunately, not, 90 mins is the limit at the moment.

So the (ugly but hey I did it) work around I use:

  1. Copy the entire transcript + time stamp into a text file and mash on it in a spreadsheet ap to get the time stamp + text line on the same line, then copy that back out to a flat txt file and save.
  2. Download the audio file from… somewhere, usually podcasts have multiple places they issue them… and save onto my desktop where I’ve got Audacity installed.
  3. Open the audio file in Audacity and split it using these instructions: Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual TIP: Find a quiet moment to split on, it makes the split a little easier on the ear. Under an hour for each segment is ideal, because I’ve found LingQ mangles the heck out of the synchronization of the transcript vs the audio and that gap gets worse as the segment goes along. *If anyone has a tip for this I’d LOVE to hear it as nothing I’ve tried seems to work yet, but this is why I highly recommend keeping the timestamp in the text as it helps figure out where the heck you are.
  4. Split the transcript I saved in step one into corresponding pieces w the chunks I’ve carved out in step 3 (accurate file labeling on both audio and text files gets important here, lol). TIP: Overlap a bit of the previous and next transcript just so you can follow a bit better.
  5. Upload just the first segment into LingQ AND WAIT A BIT. The LingQ system takes a few minutes at least to generate all the parts of the episode and if you get going on the next portion too quickly they’ll be enmeshed with each other, which is less than ideal for hitting next-next-next through the lessons. TIP: When I do the import I’ve taken to making the first title something like “1TITULO- cualquier” and the next like “2TITULO-fulano”… I’ve even taken to using a slightly different image on each segment so I can better recognize them.
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Thank you. This is helpful!

I don’t know if the limit on an audio imported manually is the same limit as that through the LingQ Importer extension. It might be worth a try. Download the .mp3 and the subtitles and check. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually cut it.

Audio limit is in MB, and it’s 60MB at the moment.

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