YouTube import in Sentence Mode using text to speech

Hi, I used to be able to go into sentence mode and it would use the audio from the YouTube video. It still works when I open the video option in the app (the subtitles are timestamped and keep up with the speaker).

Now in sentence mode it just uses the computer generated audio which is clunky. Is this a known bug, or maybe account related? I scrolled through the forum but didn’t see a similar issue. This is on my iPhone and iPad, both running the most recent versions of the OS and app.

We no longer import audio for YouTube imports, due to breaking their rules. From now on, when importing from YT, you will get a video and subtitles only. That is the reason why you hear TTS pronunciation.

Can we not ourselves import the Youtube audio manually?

Yes, you can extract the audio using available online tools and upload it manually.