Youtube import has not been working for several days

For a few days now, I have not been able to import youtube videos. I’ve tried removing and redownloading the add-on (I’m using Firefox) but it doesn’t work. How do I resolve this issue?

Thank you!

Strange, seems fine for me. Can you post a link to one of videos you are unable to import?

Here is an example:

Essaye de supprimer la partie du lien qui comprend la playlist entière et d’importer la leçon sans ce qui suit le “&” du coup : Learn Japanese through comprehensible input/TPRS. #1 Autumn/Fall/秋(あき) - YouTube

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Thank you!

I have the same yesterday it took longer then normal and today i have this message: Importing failed - ERROR: Unable to extract yt initial data

Hi, I am having the same problem. I have previously imported the first three episodes of a subtitled version of the Greek series Sto Para Pente without any trouble but today I can’t upload episodes 4 and 5. I am using the LingQ import add-on on Chrome. Here is a link to one of the episodes I can’t make work. "Στο παρά πέντε" σεζόν 1 επεισόδιο 4 -ελληνικοί υπότιτλοι - YouTube

I tested the add-on with a simple webpage and it worked fine, so the problem seems to be with YouTube imports.

The tool seems to be working for a couple of minutes but then it goes to an exclamation mark sign and the word “Error”.

Any help would be much appreciated, as it’s a great series and I can’t wait to get on with it!!

Yup, as @Leoutre wrote above, make sure not to include Playlist add-on in the url, and ti should import just fine.

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Today, I have not been able to import YouTube videos, too.

I made sure not to include Playlist add-on in the url, but I have not been able to import.

Pleased to report that I tried again this morning - followed exactly the same procedure but this time the two episodes uploaded quickly and correctly. So no further action needed - thanks again.

Today it works good again. it was this video: О себе на русском (ru/en/fr/pt/de/pl/ko sub) - YouTube

@miponnu This video you are trying to import doesn’t have available subtitles. Subtitles in it are part of the video.
Please note that you can only import videos that have uploaded subtitles (CC button at the bottom of the video).

I understand. Thank you.
There are 10 videos in the same series and I was able to import the other 9 videos, so I was wondering why I couldn’t watch this.