Youtube Import for Chrome is not working & repeating lessons and text 3 times!

When inputing content from youtube, it wil create 3 lessons of that import and when going into a lesson to read the text, the text is repeated 3 times!?

I am glad that the audio issue has been resolved but PLEASE CAN WE FIX THE IMPORT ISSUE?

kind regards


Same. Although only for some videos. For others the problem I have (consistently for a given video), is that it will import the crappy autogenerated subtitles instead of the subtitles I have selected. And often these are imported bloated with lots of repeated text.
In at least one case it imported mystery subtitles that don’t exist on YouTube for that video and that read like a translation of a translation rather than just bad autogenerated subtitles.
Some videos do import correctly so it’s been a crap shoot the past couple days.