Youtube import error (caused by KeyError(u'thumbnail',))

Receiving the following when trying to import this video: What to read when you're learning Spanish | Easy Spanish 166 - YouTube

Error:Importing failed - ERROR: An extractor error has occurred. (caused by KeyError(u’thumbnail’,))


I am getting the same error for any video I try to import from YouTube.

Sorry about that. We are looking into the issue and we hope to have it fixed soon. Thanks for your patience.

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here the same.:upside_down_face::slightly_frowning_face::confused:

Yeah, I’m getting the same error for any youtube video that I try to import.

Same experience here. First got the error over 12 hours ago. I thought that it would be okay now but the error is still showing up. For now I’m importing videos manually.

Exactly the same! I cannot import since this morning, I mean more than 12 hours ago. Is there any way to manually import youtube video?

I have the same problem. i hope it is soon fixed

There’s a big plus sign on the upper right section… Select Import Lesson. You can put the YT video URL in the textbox on the left side of the editor. Hope this helps.

:thinking: ??

So do I, it says “Import Fails”. I tried even manual, but it is a youtube episode and it asked me to put some text. It seems that it did not recognize that the url is YT link. Hope to be fixed soon.

Same here

You also have to input the text of the title and the entire transcript manually and put them all in the editor in LingQ. Just search for a tutorial in YT on how to obtain the whole text of the transcript. Hope this helps

Tried to import a video and it was a success! I guess everything’s fine now?

But most of the time, it doesn’t import the audio file of the video.

Should be fixed now, thanks for your patience everyone!

Thank you Zoran.

@ raymonds
I had the same problem. But if you open a other lesson and then go back to the import lesson you will see the audio. You have to open the lesson 2 time. Do you understand what I mean? j:-)

Thanks Zoran! j:-)