Youtube import doesn't create multiple lessons

When I import something longer than 12mins from youtube, it imports everything into 1 lesson now, the subtitles are capped off around the 12min mark. The video doesn’t split up into multiple lessons anymore,just in 1 lesson

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Thanks for reporting! We are familiar with the issue and our developers are looking into it. We will have it fixed. Thanks for your patience!

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Did you find a solution to this? I still have this same problem and haven’t been able to figure it out.

It should actually be fixed. When did you imported a YouTube video last time? Do you still have the same issue?

Thanks. Can you please send me both video URL and the URL of the lesson you imported (part 1) to support(at) Thanks!

This problem is “fixed” now. Yesterday I tried to import these lessons again and after a few hours of waiting they were imported correctly. Before they have been imported right away, but this is not a problem anymore.

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