Youtube Import doesn't create multiple lessons anymore

When I import something longer than 12mins from youtube, it imports everything into 1 lesson now, but the subtitles are capped off around the 12min mark. The video doesn’t split up into multiple lessons anymore.

In some cases it can take more time for additional parts to process and import. Can you check that same course now and let me know if other parts were imported?

hello I’m struggling to import this podcast Improve Flexibility with Research-Supported Stretching Protocols | Huberman Lab Podcast #76 - YouTube maybe because of Length of audio. Is it posible to import audio chop automatically to smaller Length like small sequence 3-5 minutes, I like listen smaller sequence multiplay time.

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Sorry but it’s not possible to import YouTube videos longer than 90 mins.

Is there a workaround for this, I mean, to download and split the file that exceeds 90 minutes, and then import it to Lingq without having to upload it to youtube and import it from there?

You can import the video manually after splitting the video into several parts. Here’s a guide to the Lesson Editor.

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Thanks for the pointer, but that guide doesn’t tell how to do the video saving including subtitle and splitting, which was my actual question. And to be honest, when it comes to another point - that of editing text that comes from subtitles - I wonder why each user should do hundreds of clicks to remove whitespaces manually (paragraph breaks at the end of each and every line), for a task that could be done automatically with a couple of lines of code in a suitable programming language. Or at least, it would simplify the task to have a what-you-see-if-what-you-get-editor where you could work on the text itself (not all the formating stuff with buttons) – and there use backspaces to combine two successive lines into one.

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I do have the same problem (March 2023), does anyone have a solution for that?

@Luca_Nobla Can you provide an example video you have a problem with?