YouTube import bug

Plug-in displayed:

Error: Importing failed - ERROR: Signature extraction failed: Traceback (most recent call last): File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/extractor/”, line 1590, in _decrypt_signature video_id, player_url, s File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/extractor/”, line 1510, in _extract_signature_function cache_res = res(test_string) File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/extractor/”, line 1578, in return lambda s: initial_function([s]) File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/”, line 36, in call return self.func(*args, **kwargs) File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/”, line 1037, in resf ret, should_abort = self.interpret_statement(code.replace(‘\n’, ’ '), var_stack, allow_recursion - 1) File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/”, line 441, in interpret_statement ret, should_return = self.interpret_statement(sub_stmt, local_vars, allow_recursion) File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/”, line 915, in interpret_statement return eval_method(), should_return File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/”, line 800, in eval_method self._objects[variable] = self.extract_object(variable) File “/srv/parts/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/”, line 952, in extract_object raise self.Exception('Could not find object ’ + objname) Exception: Could not find object AP

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What browser/extension are you using and what video you tried to import?

I don’t recall the video.

Here’s the Chrome browser info: Version 121.0.6167.184 (Official Build) (arm64)

Here is an example just now:

@gmeyer Do you have problem with that one specific video only?
@bvm74cbbs5 Please update the app to the latest version with the fix for the bug included.

Ok, will do. Thank you!

(1) No, not one specific video…it was several (2) Where do I find the update please?

Had the same problem yesterday and today on some videos, I’m using latest version of the browser and extension.
Here’s an example of a video -

This video already has subs.

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I did some tests and think I know what is going on.

  1. There is an error with LingQ importer when importing videos that contain an auto generated subtitle option. Even if a main subtitle exists it will decide to transcribe the video instead.
  2. There is either, a new audio encryption method on Youtube which is preventing the extraction of the audio or the team is running an older version of YTD on their server.
  3. Combine these issues, and your imports are now limited.

In conclusion, right now: Some videos without subtitles and with auto gen subtitle options will randomly fail. Some of the issues can be fixed by LingQ


I had this error with a video that had subs turned off as well

I encountered the same issue importing.

Funny enough, clicking the CC button (so there is not a red underline under it) in Youtube to disable the default captions solved the issue and still was able to parse the captions and successfully import. So I hope that acts as a workaround for others until it’s fixed

Here’s the video I had problems with:

I installed the browser extension for the first time today so my version is up to date. Encountered the issue with the chrome extension, firefox extension and encountered an unspecified 400 error when trying to share to the ios app (which is also up to date) which may or may not be the same thing because it just gave a generic error and not the python stack trace.

Any video they need to use the audio for. If that audio fails. No import

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