Youtube extension not working (French)

Youtube extension isn’t working for me. it says "detail: ERROR: Signature extraction failed: "
is anyone else having this problem?

I just downloaded the extension on Google Chrome and its giving me the same error.
(previously I was using Safari)

I have had the same problem for ages with japanese. I sent support a message but they haven’t gotten back to me for like 3 weeks. It seems to me that their youtube-dl (used to download youtube videos) is way outdated. If only they’d implement a automatic update script they wouldn’t have this problem.
(Doesnt seem hard to implement for talented programmers)

Hi @MarkEChavez,
Sorry about the late reply. Can you please send me a link to a video which you are unable to import?
It seem to work properly on my end. Are you unable to import any video at all, or you have problem with specific videos/languages only?

Yeah this video in particular isn’t working for me. Pourquoi les Français ne sont jamais "excités" - YouTube

All of his other videos are importing into lingQ just fine.