Youtube extension not importing video and audio

Hi, I started to have this issue yesterday. It was working fine by the day before yesterday.
I use Safari on my Macbook, extension is the latest version 1.0.14(0). I click on the Lingq extension icon, the import window pops up, click “import lesson”. “importing lesson” finishes earlier than usual and “import successful”, click “open lesson”. Only text is imported and video and audio are not available.

Does anybody experience the same? Should I change any settings?


Hi yoshiko6629!

Same here (on my Linux Mint system with Chromium / Chrome):
Only text is imported.

@Zoran see, for example, these (short) YT vids in Spanish:

Unfortunately, there are import problems with the browser extension every few weeks :frowning:


Dear, please make sure ZDF and tagesschau importing is also working (at the moment it isn’t).


Hi!I have the same thing!I don’t understand what the problem is???Yesterday everything worked,and today the same problem!!!(((

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Sorry to hear that. We are looking into it!

@PeterBormann Both videos worked fine for me. Maybe it was a temporary issue. Can you please give it another try now?

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@SergeyFM I asked our developers to look into it. Should be fixed soon.


@1976099 Do you still have the same issue? Any example urls?

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Same problem here with Netflix importing! It worked without problems before. Now it says: “Error: image: The submitted data was not a file. Check the encoding type on the form.” I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome extension, but it still doesn’t work. Thank you!

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@seb2222 The Netflix import issue has been reported to our team. We will get it fixed.

Fixed! it was rather fast resolution this time! Great!

Good time of day! I just sat down to study,tried again everything works!Yesterday I got a little bit more adjusted!Thank you for your feedback and suggestions in solving the problem!!!

Thank you for your quick action! Everything works again on my side!

Thank you for a prompt reaction, many importing issues seem to be fixed. Though neither Tagesschau nor ZDF heute journal are available: ZDF - works but without audio, Tahesschau - can’t locate subtitles at all.