Youtube can not be imported

I cant impot nothing from youtube. please help!! When I click lingq extension, it says importing failed+ sutitles cant be used.

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You can only import videos with available subtitles. Also, it won’t work if subtitles are auto-generated, they need to be regular subtitles.

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Import only works with Chrome. Edge doesn’t work as of 4/24/2022

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Thnaks for your comment, but I’m using Chrome.

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Thank you for your advice, I understood now, it was auto-generated subtitles. But I found even auto-generated can be imported in a thread some days ago, isn’t it true??

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I’m able to import with Crome if auto generated captions are available. However, there won’t be and punctuation which makes it difficult to read. One other thing that is frustrating is that the Lingq software cannot create lingqs that cross to the next line. I’ll email Lingq to see if they can correct that.

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You can eventually check if there is the transcript where there are the 3 … (under report I believe) and copy/paste the transcript and create your own lesson that way.

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@uuyukiuun Yes, some of the auto-generated subtitles work, some not. At the moment it’s random. You can always give it a try.

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Hi Yuki,

I recommend importing YouTube videos that have manually written (by humans) closed captions. Not auto-generated.

You can search for these types of channels here:


auto-generated has always worked for me. Having said that, I don’t find them particularly useful without the punctuation…or at least it’s annoying enough that I don’t WANT to use them =)


I got it thanks! I would like Lingq team improve it🥺



does the problem still occur ?

This month, I can’t import any video from YouTube to LingQ.

@kojopezorglub YouTube import works fine at the moment. Can you please provide an example video that you are unable to import?

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Hi there,

here is the video showing you the exact problem :

I can’t import YouTube video transcripts from my computer.

Is that video with auto-generated subtitles? If so, again, please note that not all auto-generated subtitles can be imported.

I’m answering the question below.
Yes. These are videos with auto-generated subtitles.

I confirm that all auto-generated subtitles used to be able to be imported to LingQ in 2020 and 2021.

I can still overcome the problem by downloading the subtitles with a third party website such as and by importing them manually.
However, it is very long and complicated to do so.

Back in the day, it used to be really easy to import auto-generated subtitles (and I repeat myself) and that is how I managed to get quite fluent in English thanks to this amazing feature.



Unfortunately, due to changes made by YouTube, not by us, auto-generated subtitles can’t always be imported.

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