Youtube blocked in China

I was just reminded Youtube is blocked in China. So how is LingQ going to promote itself by posting videos on Youtube only?

I was talking to a LingQ member and asked if she has seen the latest LingQ videos. She said, what videos?!

I suggested the LingQ stuff to start posting videos on video sites such as Tuduo. China is a big market.

I am all ears edwin, any advice you can give is appreciated. How do I get my videos on to Tuduo?

Unfortunately, I have not tried posting videos to Toduo. I don’t even have an account. But I would imagine the process would be similar to Youtube, provided you understand Chinese (after all, it is supposed to be a Youtube clone).

Alternatively, you could ask any LingQ member who has a Toduo account to post the videos for you.

Anyone here has a Toduo account?

YES,edwin,I have the todou account,what can I do for you or for lingqs?

Perhaps I can send you one of Steve’s videos, and see if you can post it up. But first I would need permission from Steve.

Anything I put out, on my blog or my youtube videos can be downloaded and used without restriction. I would be delighted to see my videos on todou. Any help we can get to spread the world would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

“Spread the word” I meant. Between the Chinese overseas community and the huge mainland Chinese market not to neglect Hong Kong and Taiwan, there must be ways to reach more of these people. If we could only duplicate the Lithuania effect where Gintaras has, through his effective blogging, made Lithuania one of the leading countries at LingQ. But I am dreaming, Every little effort helps. The more Chinese members we have, the more Chinese content and tutors, etc. It is all a matter of getting the snowball effect going. Thank you edwin and peiyi.

Thanks Peiyi. Here is the first video of Steve ever seen in China:

Nice to see, but the barrage of kinetic advertising accompanying the video takes a little getting used to.

I cannot seem to get the video to open. Many thanks Peiyi.

the second video which about the method of how to studying a language from Steve is uploading,please wait (敬候佳音)

I really appreciate your efforts Peiyi although I cannot seem to get the film to open when I click on the link. I do not know why.

Maybe the problem is your IE-setting or if the net remind you should install somesoft?

Steve, are you using an iPad? It might not be able to play Flash.

no edwin altho this is sent from my ipad. I will try again later on my mac.

It has nothing to do with your setting. Both yesterday and today Tudou is not working in Vancouver. I can’t watch the French movies that I want to watch. It’s my experience that difficulties occur usually in time frames when massive people in China (probably overseas Chinese here as well) are online and using the popular site. It’s weekend and holiday, so no surprise there.

if is blocked use proxy sites like from

I could watch your video without any problems (using my computer here in Austria). It’s great to see your videos on tudou. Actually, I use tudou quite often to watch videos on language learning in Chinese.