You're looking good

A: What have you done to your hair?
B: Nothing. Why?
A: You’re looking good.

Question: Is it okay to say “you look good” here instead of “you’re looking good”? Do they have the same meaning?

Thank you!!!

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They have the same meaning. :slight_smile: You understood it.


I think “You look good” is more emphatic and direct, but that’s about the only difference.


While “you look good” and “you’re looking good” are very near equivalent, perhaps “you’re looking good” could be used to mark a more momentary awareness that it’s looking better than usual or in the past. “You’re looking good” could be used more so to emphasize that the attention has been grabbed of the person saying it.

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In this situation, saying “you look good” and “you’re looking good” pretty much mean the same thing – a nice compliment about your appearance. So, go ahead and use whichever one feels more natural to you. u’re wlecome!

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Correct! very good! Applause!