Your favourites

Which is your favourite course currently : political, science, conversation, history, amazing things series or…etc ?

Anime series and movies
I wouldn’t call them courses, not even the one about the dictionary.

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So I think you understand the slang idioms, don’t you ?

It is not my goal and I don’t understand enough to say I understand anything yet.

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I like to read history books, the only problem is that it can be very difficult to get along reading when there is a lot of names and events that you now nothing about. I feel quite comfortable with reading Spanish but reading about the Austro-Hungarian empire in Spanish is another thing entirely. I also like to read auto-biographies of football players who played in the early 2000-century (Enke, Iniesta (still playing), etc.). I used to be a huge football fan so it is interesting to read about the players I watched all those years ago. Also they tend to be pretty easy to read as opposed to history books.

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I hope you success as you always enjoy the process of languages learning.

I love history too, and I face the same problems with names, but I think you are more lucky than me, because as you an European, you are familiar with a lot of names in novels and history books and this is opposite to me. For football players biographies, I wish I love to watch football matches or football matches love me, in Egypt a lot of youth love to watch football matches especially European league, can you advise me how to love football : ) ?!

hi there. i enjoy course-conversation :slight_smile: i also love history and biology, not so long ago i started the course of Italian, but i needed to stop because of health problems and today the only thing i’m able to do is to spend time searching for

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I don’t think there is a magic recipe to start loving football all of a sudden as with anything other in life. However, if you are serious about getting into football I suppose there are a few ways. One is to try to watch matches of teams that are known for playing attacking football or have charismatic managers. The Premier League (English league) is perhaps the most viewer friendly in that it gets broadcast allover the world. Liverpool and Chelsea have played quite entertaining football this season as well as Tottenham. I think Bundesliga (German league) has the most goals scored per game among the “five best league in Europe”.

There is a YouTube channel named uMAXit football that explains football tactics and short “documentaries” of controversial transfers and other football relating events. This might be of interest since it gives an insight to way teams play the way the play.

Copa90 is another football related channel. Some time ago I used to watch all the episodes in the derby days’ series. Copa90 Explains and Copa90 city guides also seems interesting.

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Thank you dude.