Your favorite web-serials with subtitles?

I found one in Russian, Крипипаста. Сюрприз | комикс - YouTube by iVacher Comix, it’s this Крипипаста that’s hilarious. I’m not nearly so lucky finding such things in most other languages. Actually, it’s frustrating trying to find suitable stuff. What have you got?

The only one that comes imminently to mind (perhaps also quite obvious) is RTVE they have a lot of TV series with subtitles (Spanish).

What exactly is a web serie ? Something created for the web ? I don’t care if series I watch are for tv, dvd, the web or what else.

I don’t do anything in russian recently but I liked “Kitchen” with russian subtitles available on polydog dot something and there is StarMediaEN on youtube.

In mandarin, I think - I like Cupid’s chocolates on youtube with subtitles in french, spanish and english - don’t remember about chinese.

Tons of japanese animes, movies and series. Maybe I’ll make my top of that later.

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Very nice, I’ve been looking for something in Simplified Chinese. Kitchen looks like a tasty series too.