You want to read Newspapers, Radio, and TV in French on the Web?

He exist a web site with all link for all Newspapers, Radios and TV in French on the web:

Je vous remercie de votre renseignement. Je vais essayer d’utiliser ce site.
Thank you very much for having given me this information. I will try to use it.


C’est très utile le lien, un grand merci à vous !

Hi Reynald. This is great!
I have created some documents and share them with French learners. Among the documents is this one regarding television, radio, news :
I could add your link into it, is that ok?

I used and just change it to French… I think I get most of the important news sources that way too…

Yes, it is also a good way to do so :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank You Marianne/leie92 and blindside70! Your links are very interesting!
J’apprécie beaucoup!
Bien sûr Marianne, utilise le ien comme bon te semble. Ton document est très utile!

Merci à vous!