You Can Watch YouTube Videos in Your Target Language With Double Subtitles From Day 1 with DualSub

Dualsub is a FREE Google Chrome extension that lets you have double subtitles on YouTube videos. This means you could potentially be watching a video in your target language with subtitles from that language along with subtitles from your native tongue. This is a game changer because it makes watching YouTube videos in your target language comprehensible for even beginners from day 1.

Here’s the link to get the Google Chrome Dualsub extension: Dualsub - Chrome Web Store This extension only works for laptops and desktops using Google Chrome. It doesn’t work for mobile devices.

I talk about Dualsub and give 10 tips for watching videos in your target language on YouTube with double subtitles. The video is long (24 minutes), but you might find the tips and information helpful. Here’s the link: - YouTube

This is tip #1:

Here are the keyboard shortcuts for watching videos on YouTube:

Go back 5 seconds - Left arrow

Go back 10 seconds - j

Go forward 5 seconds - Right arrow

Go forward 10 seconds - l


Thanks for the recommendation. This tool is excellent. The way I’ve been doing it so far is opening the transcription window and then getting chrome to translate the entire page. It was a bit of a hack to get two languages displaying simultaneously. Man, I feel so lucky to be learning a language in modern times. There’s so much great content and tools to do it with.


Trank you for the recommendation, I will try it

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Tks for sharing! :slight_smile:

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I’ve stumbled on something called captionpop, which seems to do a smiliar thing, but you don’t have to install any add-ons. Also, instead of going back a fixed number of seconds you can review a given phrase by clicking “R”, which is amazing, when it works. Sometimes the timestamps are wrong and it doesn’t, but well - it’s free as far as I can tell.

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You’re welcome miscology! :slight_smile: One person recently commented on my video about DualSub: “I had to come back and tell you that this tool is as helpful as you stated.”

I, too, feel privileged to be able to have all of these amazing language learning tools at our disposal (including LingQ).

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Great! Please let me know how it goes for you, Marfa19!

You’re welcome Joojoocaa! :slight_smile:

I tried captionpop on my phone a little bit before I tested DualSub. When I first used Captionpop, I got excited that there was some type of program for making double subtitles on YouTube. It’s great that there isn’t anything to install for Captionpop, but the search seems limited on captionpop vs. DualSub. It seems on captionpop I always can get a total of up to 50 search results, and that’s it. Also, I might have to search for a particular type of Spanish subtitle like Spanish (Spain) instead of Spanish (US). I didn’t see an option (which I might have missed) to just search for videos will any type of Spanish subtitles. I don’t have that issue with DualSub. It works more like regular YouTube, so for me, it wins on ease of use & functionality.

The review a given phrase with Captionpop is cool though. That feature isn’t on Dualsub to my knowledge.

I imagine in the future, double subtitles will be a real feature of YouTube. It just makes sense because Google owns YouTube and Google Translate.

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If only there was a Firefox version.