You are willing to be my friend?


My name is Peng Yajun. My english name is Lydia,it was my junior high school English teacher gave it to me.I’m very like my english name.

I’m from Beijing of China.Beijing is very comfortable city.There are many foreigners.But my english is very bad,i can’t share with them.I want to be here by learning from the zero.And i want to be able to know some foreign friends here.

This year i met a friend of Russia.She is a very beautiful woman.
One time we go for a walk together.She said the past few days a lot of mosquitoes.she forgot the "mosquito"is the word in chinese how to say,so she had to use english.But my english is very poor,i don’t undersand “mosquito”.
I can only guess.She imitated the sound of mosquitoes.I guess a lot of small insects.Such as bees,ladybugs,flies,etc.
To finally guessed that the mosquito.I feel very embarrassed.囧 So i determined to learn English.

I have no willpower to do things very much.However, I am willing to work hard.
I hope that my English getting better and better.I also hope I can know some friends here.

By Lydia.

Wellcome at LingQ Peng. I am French and like you I am learning English !

Dear Cecile, i’m very pleased to meet you!I hope we can progress together!

Hi Lydia, I’m an English tutor here at LingQ and I’d be glad to help you improve your English:)

Thank you ,DavidMartin. I will be cheering to learn.

Last night a friend of mine here.He carefully revised my article,and e-mail to me.He corrected many of my language mistakes.
I am very happy.And I thank him for his enthusiastic help.