Year 1 Interesting and Good Quality Russian Content - Collections from a Year

Hi, over a year of immersion I have collected the best of the best – a series of 16 courses/channels/music artists/etc. that consistently have good, audible, and meaningful content.

Everyone has their own interests and interpretations on “good” content, but I believe some of these references will come in handy for those looking for new immersion opportunities.

Why should you consider my suggestions? These were the criteria I used to find good immersion:

  1. clean audio
  2. transcript available
  3. not flooded with advertising/self-promotion
  4. references that seek to make a concrete assertion use logic and/or reliable, unbiased sources (with some exceptions)

I’ve labeled them by estimated CEFR level and organized them under themes.

-Mini Stories A2 = an excellent starting point for beginners to acquire common vocabulary Login - LingQ
-The Linguist by Steve Kaufmann B1 = a dubbed source for those who are interesting in the process and rewards of language learning Login - LingQ

-КИНО B2 = an extremely popular ~90s Russian rock band, with iconic songs most people would recognize Группа КИНО - YouTube
-ДДТ B2 = an extremely popular modern Russian rock band, with song themes ranging from anti-war/corruption to abstract ideas officialddt - YouTube
-Rustem Sultanov B1 = honestly the equivalent of Coldplay, with light rock РУСТЭМ СУЛТАНОВ - YouTube

-Pages of Russian history by evgueny40 (Pages of Russian history) B1 = another great course that provides an overall history of Russia from the very start to today Login - LingQ

-Saint Petersburg News B2 = good quality, local news on a variety of topics ГТРК Санкт-Петербург - YouTube
-Euronews in Russian B2 = good quality, international news. the pre-2023 videos are better, due to more Russian dubs Euronews по-русски - YouTube
-Air Catastrophes B2 = a channel that does use ~2 minutes of advertising per video, but has interesting content and clear story telling that is better than most air catastrophe videos in English Air Crash Investigation - YouTube

-Russian Culture by evgueny40 B1 = covers traditions and crafts of Russian culture Login - LingQ
-New Russian Podcast by evgueny40 B1 = a great podcast by that covers different aspects of Russian culture (regions, political situation, national cuisine)
Login - LingQ

-Кинопоиск B2 = focuses on the meaning and use of filmmaking techniques that make certain films or shows stand out Кинопоиск - YouTube
-Right Hemisphere Introvert B2 = reviews the overarching themes and philosophies of famous movie characters (ex. Tyler Durden) Правое полушарие Интроверта - YouTube

-Andrey Burenok B1 = a light travel channel with high quality content and a variety of countries, that also features the stories and perspectives of Slavic immigrants to them Andrey Burenok - YouTube
-Capitals of the World B1 = mostly focused on the USA, but offers interesting perspectives on the USA from a Russian point of view

-Improvement Pill (rus) B1 = dozens of hours on interesting self-improvement methods and thinking strategies, that are mostly founded on science/research (some are definitely not though) Login - LingQ

Big thanks to evgueny40 for creating so much great content. I will add to this list next year.


Interesting suggestions, Mallaritp22 ! Could you join links?

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Hi benscheelings, what do you mean by “join links”?

Well, for instance, you suggest to read and listen to the lessons of evgueny40: if you give the link to one of those lessons, we can give them a look to see if they are suitable for us.

Absolutely. The most insightful ones from him are:
-Russian National Cuisine B1 = he details on the best/most representative foods in Russia, with details on their origin and ingredients Login - LingQ
-About the Russian Army B1 = Evgueny provides insightful information about the historical foundation and importance of the Russian Army, and its status in the early 2000s Login - LingQ
-Hunting Territory B1 = Evgueny gives his perspective and facts about history of Russian oligarchy, and it’s serious impacts on modern Russia Login - LingQ
-Sports in Russia B1 = Evgueny describes the significance of sports in Russia during the Soviet Union, and the foundation/support of sports in Soviet/Modern Russia Login - LingQ

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