Yappr.com - Learn English by watching videos

This could be a very powerful site in combination with LingQ for those of you learning English


I wish there were something like this for other languages…

french, spanish and english videos

Hm, I tried one video and after a few seconds they told me a price of $2 a week.
I figured out that videos with “F” are free. Nice site, but as far a I can see most of the lessons are not for free.

Yeah that’s a bummer - I didn’t realize how many videos they’ve now made only for paying members.

Until recently the service was completely free…

You could always do the ‘30-day-no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee’ and then cancel after 29 days :wink:

There is no shortage of video on the net, including for Russian. I know many people love watching videos for language learning. I hardly ever do. I prefer the convenience of audio, that I carry with me and listen when I want. Then I sit down and read and really focus on the words and phrases at LingQ.

I watch videos in Russian on TV, movies, for enjoyment, as a reward, but not really as a learning activity. But that is just me.