Yandex / Lingvo has gone strange

Yandex / Lingvo Russian dictionary used to open inside the LIngQ widget, but now it’s opening a new web page and there is no way to get back to the LingQ Widget. Could something be done to fix this please? It’s my favourite Russian dictionary.

There are a few dictionaries that don’t seem to work properly with the new in-frame dictionary setup we introduced. I’ve now changed this dictionary so it should open in a popup as it did before.

If you would really like to have the dictionary in the widget, you could choose ‘just’ Lingvo instead of Yandex Lingvo. It is the same dictionary, just engines are different.


There is a problem with Lingvo Yandeх vocabulary - they have changed a site location. The old one was, and now you can access it only at

The problem occurs then you want to open that vocabulary in Lingq system - it lead to old location and show error window.

Please, dear Lingq team, fix it. Lingvo Yandex is very comfortable to Russian-speaking.

@sdom - Thanks for the heads up on this. We will get this fixed within the next day or so.

@sdom - OK, it should now be working properly!

@alex - Thank you for fixing it!