Xiaomi devices app bug

The app has not been working properly on Xiaomi devices for a long time. I can’t mark and lingQ phrases at all (only Individual words can be marked and addes to lingQ). Since I am learning Persian, I find it very difficult to learn without the ability to mark phrases. I can only study via the computer (that let me the option to lingQ phrases) so I learn very little every day. what is the solution?
Thank you very much.

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Sorry to hear that! Which device exactly you are using and which Android version you have installed on it?

I’ve had this problem since I bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.

Hopefully issue with Xiaomi devices will be gone with release of LingQ 5.0


Do you have any date to launch this release?

Should be September.

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I have the same problem! I have a Xiaomi too

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I tried LingQ with my sister’s phone, the newest Xiaomi - same problem!

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I also have the same problem!

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I have a Xiami Lite 8 and I haven’t noticed major bugs with the app, in terms of reading. Maybe just takes a copy tries to hold and drag to make a new multiword Link.

For the player however, I would like if I could

  1. batch download episodes, or better yet export to audio file.
  2. make a lesson specific playlist, for example this lesson is amazing,